Patient Reviews

I am so thankful to Susquehanna Dental East. I saw them and didn't follow through lol, as many of us do. Well, needless to say, I ended up with two teeth that were in so much pain, that I thought I was going to lose it. They were so patient and understanding. They gave me a referral for my root canal, and extraction. They made sure to get all of my records over to the other offices and made this ALL happen in a day. Thank you guys sooooo much.

"Very knowledgeable, kind, and courteous staff. They thoroughly explain what needs done and how it's going to get done. Super clean building. Great location."
— Doug B.

"I was there today for a cleaning and the gal did an awesome job!"
— Dara N.

"My family has been patients at this practice since my husband was a little boy! Friendly, caring staff. Great with dealing with patients that have some dental anxiety!"
— Becca W.

"I broke a tooth and didn't have a regular dentist. I called their office and they got me right in. Dr. Purvis was excellent. I have decided to become a regular patient."
— Steph A.

"All the staff is so friendly! Dr. Sowal takes his time to do a wonder job and is very knowledgeable."
— Joli D.

"I'm very pleased with the staff and the care they take when you go for any reason. They do such a great job I have recently added my daughter as their patient. We both have had great experiences each time we go!"
— Tricia V.